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The prestigious Kadıkale Resort has become a landmark in Bodrum, where the winds whispers unforgettable stories, where the KADIKALESI (Judge Castle), which dates from the Hellenistic era, surveys all below encompassing panoramic views. The glistening golden sands, the crystal blue sea and the endless arches of begonwils fill your senses.


One may long to be a sun instead of sunbathing , to swim like a fish instead of swimming like a mere mortal, to float like the clouds and not just to take a holiday but breathe it, experience it and feel re-born!

Kadıkalesi Mevki Peksimet Köyü

48963  Turgutreis  Bodrum / Turkey

Tel: +90 252 382 33 02 Fax: +90 252 382 21 99